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Welcome to Heiber + Schroeder USA, subsidiary of Heiber + Schroeder GmbH, the market leader in window patching equipment. Located just outside of Chicago, Heiber + Schroeder USA provides comprehensive after-sales support including, service, spare parts, and training.

These videos highlight the main technological features of our newest line of window patchers and carton erectors.

If you are seeking assistance in utilizing your Heiber + Schröder window patching machines click here for Heiber Schroeder Window Patcher support.

If you are need help about your Heiber + Schröder tray formers click here for H + S Tray Forming Machine technical support.

If these Heiber Schroeder videos do not show a particular feature you would need to know about before considering a purchase, please click here.

CE-1000 Tray Forming Machine

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WP 1400 Window Patcher

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WPS 1100 Window Patcher

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WPS 600 Window Patcher

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Additional Info

In addition to these Heiber Schroeder videos, we offer training programs for new and existing customers, which is especially useful in today’s market where turnover of production employees can be very high. For more complex equipment and integrated systems, we offer hands on training onsite at our home office in Germany. This is ideal for those new customers who have little experience working with Heiber + Schroeder equipment.