WP Master Window patcher - technical specifications

H+S WP Master Window Patcher Technical Specifications

Main Features found in Heiber + Schröder WP Master Window Patcher:


The basic requirement for efficient production is the controllability of the window patcher.

The unique HEIBER + SCHRÖDER video support helps even untrained personnel to adjust and operate the machine efficiently and safely.

An extensive library, including photos, diagrams, and videos, provides operators with support in case of questions and problems.

Automatic notification reminds the personnel when maintenance is due.


The input of the three main blank parameters sets automatically all functions in the running direction and all sensors.

Recipe Management

The window patcher can be set automatically by using recipes. In addition, descriptions and photos can be saved when recording special settings.

Spare Parts Support and Camera

All window patcher spare parts can be identified by means of 3D exploded images, reducing production stops to a minimum. A movable camera facilitates communication with the user’s national service team, or HEIBER + SCHRÖDER support.

Integrated Manufacturing

Additional modules can create an automatic work flow between your die cutters, your WP
master window patcher, and your folder-gluers, reducing manpower and considerably reducing production costs.


PF series pre-feeders handle pile heights of up to 600 mm, and are available in one and multiple lane versions. Movable on wheels, these pre-feeders are easy to combine with any window patcher.

Automatic Stacker

Placed behind the window patcher, the stacker builds accurately counted piles of windowed blanks and delivers them to a subsequent conveyor system.

Automatic Reel Change

By means of the optional patented HEIBER + SCHRÖDER splicers, stand still times for reel changes can be eliminated. Automatic brakes and dancer rollers ensure constant tension control during both production and reel changes.

Transfer Components

A wide range of components are available to meet customers’ requirements of automatic transportation to and from the window patcher.

  • Load conveyor for manual load of piles
  • Pile turner for automatic turning of piles upside down
  • Pile infeed for automatic transportation of piles into a pre-feeder
  • Transfer conveyor for automatic horizontal transportation of piles including buffer functions
  • Handling components for handling tasks like:
    • Two lanes to one
    • One lane to two
    • 900 direction change
    • Pile rotation

Continuous product innovation requires flexible manufacturing capabilities. With the modular concept of the WP master window patcher you are able to develop new ideas over and over again and to produce them efficiently. Installed machines can be retrofitted without difficulty and so can be adapted to new production conditions.

Units for integration into carton board folder-gluers or in-line processing machines complete the HEIBER + SCHRÖDER window patcher component range. 

Window Patcher Components


  • Up to 4 different run modes
  • Ideal feeding technology for each blank form and each type of material
  • Electronically controlled, with lifter-free timing and automatic self-monitoring
  • Feeding length adjustment via Teach-In button
  • It’s not possible to feed more easily!

Gluing Unit: 

  • Cleaning in 2 minutes, or less, by means of the integrated cleaning system

Patented Mono-Suction Belt: 

  • Ensures excellent flatness of the blanks (even when curved) and the best application tolerance for the film, both in the running direction and laterally.
  • Maintenance-free air suction system.

Suction Cylinders:

  • Chemically nickel plated
  • Tooled steel inserts for suction holes
  • Cleanser-resistant
  • Minimal wear
  • Minimal risk of scratches on the film

Operating Panel:

  • Video supported setting of the machine
  • Picture supported library for repeat orders
  • Production statistics and, optional, production data acquisition
  • Picture supported error messages
  • Video and picture supported help system
  • Modem connection for service and updates
  • Camera for picture supported communication with HEIBER +SCHRÖDER
  • 3D visualized spare parts directory
  • Automatic maintenance alerts
  • Digital operating manual

Drive Technology:

  • The latest generation, maintenance-free, servo motors drive all rotating elements and are power consumption optimized.
Output (depending on blank length) 1 lane 2 lanes
Blank length below 265 mm 40,000 Pcs/hour 80,000 Pcs/hour
Blank length below 360 mm 36,000 Pcs/hour 72,000 Pcs/hour
Blank length below 570 mm 24,000 Pcs/hour 48,000 Pcs/hour
Blank length over 570 mm 12,000 Pcs/hour 24,000 Pcs/Hour

Window Patcher Efficiency by Flexibility

Folding box with normal window

Folding box with liner

Window cut from pre-printed
reel with register mark control

Blank to blank application
(up to DINA3 size paper
 form 60 to 200 g/m2)

Window with lengthwise

Pre-formed tube with cross seal tube material coming from the reel, cross sealing made on the window patcher

Shape cut window
coming from the pile

Folding box with handle, applied
in cross direction or at angles
up to 45° to the lateral axis.

Window with intermittent cut

Window with shape perforation
or shape cut

Folding box with tear tape

Reinforcing elements and collars

Window with preheated
creasing lengthwise and
shaped die cut

inner tube

Insertion of coupons