Heiber + Schroeder Tech Support in Missouri

Heiber + Schroeder USA is committed to the needs of our customers in Missouri and nationwide, whether it be a recently sold piece of equipment or one that has been in service for many years. We offer remote technical assistance (via phone or e-mail) as well as onsite support when it comes to servicing our customers. Our field service engineers are available for regular preventative maintenance visits as well as start-up installation of new equipment.

If you need Heiber + Schroeder tech support in Missouri or anywhere in the US, the solution is just one click away. Contact us today!

H+S tech support in Missouri

WPS Window Patcher
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WP Master Window Patcher
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WPH Window Patcher
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Integration Components
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CE 1000 tech support Missouri

CE 1000 Carton Erector
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CE 1560 Carton Erector
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About Heiber + Schroeder USA

Heiber + Schroeder USA is a subsidiary of Heiber + Schroeder GmbH, the market leader in window patching equipment and tray forming machines. We provide comprehensive after-sales support including, service, spare parts, and training in Missouri and throughout the US.

A large number of worldwide firsts developed by us have made significant impacts on today's market for window patching machines. For example, in the late 80's, we started the development of new technologies for pick-and-place operations in the folding carton industry and in doing so created completely new markets. Later, in 1998, we launched the world's first window patching machine with automatic setting.

After window patching, our second major is tray forming. Since we introduced, in 1993, a new concept for the production of conical trays, we have gone on to become a market leader in this field as well.

In addition to these products we also offer an innovative system for the production of displays of various kinds, as well as carrying out special mechanical engineering projects to develop tailor-made solutions to problems in the processing of carton and film.

Currently, Heiber + Schröder is represented in 62 countries with more than 95% of our annual turnover achieved from exports. While development, design and production of our machines takes place at our headquarters in Germany, after-sales back-up can be provided by 12 service agencies located throughout the world, ensuring Heiber + Schroeder tech support gets to our clients in Missouri and accross the US.

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