Window Patcher Add-Ons

Heiber Schroeder USA works as a team with clients delivering time saving and cost effective solutions to streamline processes. Over 30 add-ons have been created to make the most out of your window patcher. Below are some of the most usual window patcher add-ons we are requested. If you would like to know if we have already developed one for your specific needs, please contact us.

Intermittently operating length slitter

During slitting operation the knife holder is lifted in time by cam disks. The pair of cam disks is part of the standard delivery scope and allows a cutting length of 31 % to 81% of the material length. Different proportions of cutting length to length of the entire window on request.

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Photoelectric cut register control for printed web

One photocell scans print marks on the web. Feeding is adjusted by electronic control related to the cross cutting cylinder. The optical scanning system has the capability of reading cross seams in tube material. The tube material can be transparent as well as alloy-coated.

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Lifting die cutter for window cutting with hot creasing device

Following the unwind the film passes linear heating bars. Upon machine stop the heating bars are retracted automatically from the film to avoid overheating. Following the heating process, discs crease the film.

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Universal Blank-to-Blank Feeder, series UF 1100-2-275

The universal feeder UF is an attachment for "marrying" virtually any flexible or semi-rigid shape or piece of material such as paper, film or thin board to a flat blank. An oscillating lever with suction cups picks up the blanks from a magazine, bends it around a theoretical line in the blank level to minimise electrostatic load and drops them onto squaring chains which transport the pieces to the vacuum cylinder of the window patching machine.

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