Universal Blank-to-Blank Feeder, series UF 1100-2-275

H+S Universal Blank-to-Blank Feeder, series UF 1100-2-275

The universal feeder UF is an attachment for "marrying" virtually any flexible or semi-rigid shape or piece of Material such as paper, film or thin board to a flat blank. This feeder can be fitted or retrofitted to all models of our present window patching machines series WPS.

Important: The use of PVC or PET blanks with antistatic coating is mandatory!

An oscillating lever with suction cups picks up the blanks from a magazine, bends it around a theoretical line in the blank level to minimise electrostatic load and drops them onto squaring chains which transport the pieces to the vacuum cylinder of the window patching machine. During the pick-up ionised blowing air facilitates the separation of the blanks. The feeder offers 1-up- and 2-up-operation with the window patching machine. The magazine can be adjusted in cross and vertical direction by means of spindles, even during machine operation.

Format Range

Blank Operation

Single Lane

Double Lane
Length of Window C
Length of Window D
100 mm - 400 mm
100 mm - 500 mm
100 mm - 400 mm
100 mm - 325 mm

The stated dimensions are dependent on quality and shape and the combination of dimensions of the processed material. Maximum and minimum indications may not be reached or could be extended.
A further format criteria is the Maximum Distance Radius „R“ between any given point within the format and the nearest point of the format edge.

When operating paper or film, "R" is dependent on the material’s weight, shape, and rigidity. "R" can only be determined by trials. Picture 46.2 indicates "R" for PVC film only. Crease lines within the format may alter "R" considerably.

When operating formats in which "R" is larger than indicated in picture 46.2, limitations to production speed or application tolerances may occur.

Picture 46.1

Picture 46.2

Thickness of material

The magazine is mounted in 5 degrees relative to the vertical line. The blank at the bottom of the feeder is kept by fingers at suitable positions. The addition of the quality, weight, size, shape and rigidity must be such that a maximum deformation at the base of the stack does not exceed 10 mm.

Considering criteria mentioned above, limits for thickness of material can be stated as follows:

Paper (coated or air tight)

150 micro m - 500 micro m
100 g/m - 300 g/m
100 g/m - 250 g/m

Tolerance of application:

Blank-to-blank application

+/- 1.0 mm

The technical data mentioned above are maximum indications. They are dependent on type, quality of material and its substance.
Maximum and/or minimum indications cannot be accommodated if they coincide in the same blank. Other dimensions are on request.
When combined with additional equipment on the WP, different data may apply. Please submit samples.

Nominal output

Single stream
Double stream

4500 pcs./hour
8000 pcs./hour

The output greatly depends on the quality of material as well as on its shape and substance. Precise production speeds can be guaranteed only by examining original sample and eventually after test runs if necessary.