French Fry Tray Making Machines available

A french fry tray making machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment that folds pre-printed cartons in the shape of french fry trays. These are the same ones that used to be made of styrofoam and have now reverted to cardboard for health and safety concerns.

Heiber + Schröder currently offers two models for different output levels. The CE 1000 is the beginner's workhorse for manufacturing french fry trays. You can start working with one lane and expand up to 4 simultaneous lanes. The full output power is 48,000 french fry trays per hour.

French fry tray making machines should allow for flexibility because each client has different requirements. These changes should be easy to implement, with the least downtime for changeovers.

For example, the glue application system can be rotary stencil or bottom/top mounted glue guns. Having a preparation jig for off-machine setup of different french fry tray formats also helps keep the workflow running in a snap. The option of utilizing plug-in/pull-out fixtowers also reduces waste and adjustment time.

Quite a lot of time (and material) may be consumed in fine tuning all french fry tray dimensions and performance parameters for each new job. However, Heiber + Schröder's french fry tray making machines eliminate this hassle by "teaching themselves" how to do it. The processor controlled blank feeder just needs one blank to learn how to handle the job. And once it gets set up, you can save the configuration for future runs. The flextower with spindle adjustment also allows you to perform fine tuning on the fly.

To help you get started as fast as possible, H+S french fry tray making machines come with several pre-programmed tray styles and formats, which also allow you to manufacture french fry scoops, noodle soup boxes, pizza boxes, nacho trays and much more. Their movement is impeccably servo-driven.

For more demanding applications, the CE 1560 french fry tray making machine can deliver up to 54,000 french fry trays per hour, using up to 6 simultaneous lanes.

Leaving an H+S tray former running for some hours can quickly start to build up hundreds of thousands of french fry trays. Fortunately, the optional batch counting and separating unit for french fry trays allows you to stay organized even at this overwhelming speed.

Click here to learn about the equipment's physical dimensions and their format range. For further information, and orientation about how Heiber + Schröder's french fry tray making machines can help boost your operation's productivity, call us at (847) 639-8443 or Contact Us through our contact form.

french fry tray making machine - Batch counting and separating unit for french fry trays
French fry tray making machine preparation jig
Batch counting and separating unit for french fry trays Preparation jig for off-machine setup of new french fry tray formats
french fry tray making machine - Pull-in/Pull-out fixtower additional flextower for french fry tray
Pull-in/Pull-out fixtower

Additional flextower with spindle adjustment

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